1x4 XP1K3  - Ultimate Custom Off Road Buggy Jumps Through Buildings
1x2" Rebel Bingo - Russian Standard Vodka

Branded content promo video for the alternative bingo experience 'Rebel Bingo'. A 2 minute mad burst of visuals and narrative, showing the crazy new way to play a classic game.
5x1" Hotpoint - Jamie Oliver
1x4" Marie Curie - Feel Super Campaign

Following Frankie Bridge interviewing people who Marie Curie has helped, in order to promote Superdrug's donations to the charity.
1x5" Anglo American - Fuel Cell Car

A race between three cars, one petrol, one electric and one hydrogen. This edit involved a 'Topgear' style edit cutting between personalities and keeping a high octane race feel.
1x5" Food Photography with David Loftus - Sony Xperia
Branded content following David Loftus, the well known food photographer with his Sony Xperia camera phone.

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